1 Day Ireland West Experience

Our one day Rural Ireland Experience will provide you with an authentic experience of Irish life. You will learn and participate in the old farming traditions like turf cutting, blacksmith and witness a fascinating sheepdog demonstration. Your host Eddie Joe will take you around his village of Carracastle and show you the remants of Mayo's ancient past with visits to ritual sites and ancient forts and you will leave with a great sense of rural Ireland.

"A full day on the farm & in the village learning of Ireland's traditions and farming techniques" - Eddie Joe

Your 1 Day Experience...

Rural Ireland History & Folklore

Approx 30 minutes

Take a seat by the fire with Eddie Joe and learn of Ireland's old farming traditions, superstitions and folklore for yesteryear. A unique glimpse into the Ireland of your ancestors.

Turf Cutting Demonstrations & Bog Walk

Approx 30 minutes

Take a walk down to the bog with local expert Eddie Joe and learn all there is to know about cutting the turf. From cutting to reeking you will be immersed in a true rural Irish experience.

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Sheep Dog Demonstrations

Approx 1 Hour

Meet Theresa The sheep woman of Carracastle and discover the skills of the border collies. See how they round up the sheep and learn all there is to know about sheep farming in Ireland today and in days gone by.

Black Smith Demonstration & The Nine Irons

Approx 1 Hour

Meet Pat The Blacksmith Strahan and discover the ancient techniques of Blacksmithing. Pat reproduces an ancient amulet known as The Nine Irons. Watch and take part in the warmth of The Barroe Forge in Carracastle.

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Artisan Cheese Factory Visit

Approx 1 Hour

Meet Helen & Danilo and discover the artisan cheese making process in their boutique factory.

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Your Host Eddie Dooney...

Local Farmer & Guide...

Let local heritage farmer and bog expert Eddie Joe Dooney show you around the village and farm, introducing you to the locals and providing a glimpse in Irish village life.

The Details...

1 Day Ireland West Experience Package Includes...

3.5 Hour private guided tour with the following demonstrations...

- 1 Hour Rural talk, folklore and bog demonstration.

- 1 Hour Sheepdog demonstration.

- 1 Hour Blacksmith Workshop.

- Local cheese tasting.

Please contact for pricing.

Demonstrations can be organised individually.