Extended Rural Ireland Experience

& Sightseeing

Our extended Rural Ireland Experience will provide you with an authentic experience of Irish life. You will learn and participate in the old farming traditions like turf cutting & stone wall building. Your host Eddie Joe will take you around his village of Carracastle and show you the remants of Mayo's ancient past with visits to ritual sites and ancient forts and you will have a comfortable night in the remoteness of County Mayo in your own traditional Irish cottage.

"Let me plan and organise your real Irish experience" - Eddie Joe

Sample 4 Day Irish Experience...

Day 1 - Bogs & Ancient Forts

Rural Ireland History & Folklore

Take a seat by the fire with Eddie Joe and learn of Ireland's old farming traditions, superstitions and folklore from the past. A unique glimpse into the Ireland of your ancestors.

Approx 30 minutes

Turf Cutting Demonstrations & Bog Walk

Take a walk down to the bog with local expert Eddie Joe and learn all there is to know about cutting the turf. From cutting to reeking you will be immersed in a true rural Irish experience.

Approx 30 minutes

Sheep Dog Demonstrations

Meet Michael The Sheepman of Carracastle and discover the skills of the border collies. See how they round up the sheep and learn all there is to know about sheep farming in Ireland today and in days gone by.

Approx 1 Hour

Black Smith Demonstration & The Nine Irons

Meet Pat The Blacksmith Strahan and discover the ancient techniques of Blacksmithing. Pat reproduces an ancient amulet known as The None Irons. Watch and take part in the warmth of The Barroe Forge in Carracastle.

Approx 1 Hour

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Day 2 - Food & Local Craic

Local Cheesemakers Visit

Discover artisan cheese making in the west of Ireland and meet local cheese makers Helen & Danilo.

Approx 1 Hour

Stone Wall Building

Discover the skills and history of dry stone wall building.

Approx 30 minutes

Visit the ancient forts & archaelogical sights

The local area hosts an array of interesting archaeological sites. Take a drive and learn of the ancient history of the area.

Approx 2 hours

Local Muscian Night in the Cottage

We will organise a music session by locals of the village. Hear authentic Irish traditional music in the setting of the country farmhouse.

Approx 1 Hour

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Day 3 - Exploring

County Mayo

Tour County Mayo

Today we will take a drive around the beautiful County Mayo taking in the following along the journey...

Westport - Explore the quaint Westport Town.

Croagh Patrick - Walk the base of the sacred mountain with stunning panoramic views of Clew Bay

Achill Island - Discover Achill Islands gems such as Minaun Mountain and Sneem Beach

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Day 4 - Exploring the Connemara area

Tour Connemara

Today we will tour the stunning Connemara region including the following along the journey

The Delphi Pass - Pass through this serene valley and learn of it's sad history.

Kylemore Abbey - Visit the romantic setting of Kylemore and tour the abbey.

Connemara National Park - Take a walk through one of the 6 national parks of Ireland.

Galway City - Explore the cobbled streets of the bohemian heart of Ireland.

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Your Irish Home...

The Dooney Family Cottage

Your unique accommodation is a restored traditional Irish cottage. You will spend the night in this comfortable and extremely cosy home located on the family farm. Burn some turf on the fire and drink hot drinks whilst watching the shooting stars in the stunningly clear Mayo sky 

Your Host Eddie Dooney...

Local Farmer & Guide...

Let local heritage farmer and bog expert Eddie Joe Dooney show you around the village and farm, introducing you to the locals and providing a glimpse in Irish village life.

The Details...

Package Includes...

- Pick up from chosen location / drop off / airport transfers if required.

- 2 nights stay in traditional thatch roof cottage with comfortable, cosy, traditional interior.

- 2 nights stay in Connemara Bed & Breakfast

- 5 days of guided heritage tours as per itinerary with local farmer, guide & host Eddie Dooney.

- Fully private experience.

- Local breakfast every morning & complimentary drinks