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Luxury private farm accommodation Ireland

Why Stay on a Farm in Ireland ?

Staying on a farm stay in Ireland is a unique and wonderful way of experiencing real Ireland. Here we present some reasons why you should try a stay on a farm in rural Ireland the next time you visit Ireland!

Read on to find out why you should stay on an Irish farm in 2024 !

Some reasons to stay on a farm in Ireland 2024!

To understand rural Ireland is to understand Ireland. Ireland is predominantly a rural landscape and the culture, traditions and heart of Ireland can be found in the countryside. By staying on a farm in Ireland the visitor can get a real glimpse into what is like to live in rural Ireland.

You will find some of the local enterprise here...

Tour the bogs Ireland
Irish Countryside Walking Tour

To stay on a farm in Ireland is a way of getting to know real rural Ireland off the beaten path and away from the crowds. Get a breather from the main tourist trail and relax in the heart of rural Ireland. Find space and get a sense of what is like to live in rural Ireland.

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Enjoying a tour of an Irish farm

Of course the animals are always a highlights of guests visits to any farm stay in Ireland. With personalities of their own, sometimes it is the animals that can steal the show. From the trusted family sheepdog to the friendly pig, Ireland West Farm Stays animals are a reason to stay on the farm all by their selves.

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Meet Irish Farm Animals
Farm Stay in Ireland

One of the great benefits of staying on a farm in Ireland is meeting real, authentic local Irish people. Chatting with the locals and hearing the stories and yarns are the types of memories that live long after the castles and abbey visits on the main tourist trails.

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Meet the irish farm animals

Our guests always seem to find a great connection with each other when staying on the farm. Maybe it is the peaceful and tranquil surrounds or the idea of getting back to their roots. Whatever it is Ireland West Farm Stay certainly is a personal, intimate and bonding Irish experience.

Luxury Farm Accommodation Ireland
Wellness Retreat Ireland

Located in the heart of rural Mayo, Ireland West Farm Stay provides peace, calmness and tranquility. Watch the shooting stars whizz by in the crystal clear skies above or take a stroll across the vastness of the bogs. Staying on a farm in Ireland is truly a 'Wellness' experience that cuts through to the very origins of the word.

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Private luxury self catering farm cottage Ireland

When people hear 'farm stay' often the misconception is that of a rustic and back to nature experience not for the faint hearted. However, this is very far from the truth when it comes to Ireland West Farm Stay. In reality a stay in the Ireland West Irish farm cottage is a boutique treat with luxury. The cottage is finished to the highest standard and perfectly balances the rustic farm house feel with modern comfort and luxury.


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Luxury Farm Accommodation Ireland
Farm Accommodation Mayo

The Ireland West Farm Stay Project is also about moving from the traditional industry of cutting and selling turf to the newer tourism industry. By staying on the farm and taking the tour of the bogs contributes to this change by resulting in the move away from turf cutting.


Learn more about Ireland West Farm Stay and responsible tourism here...

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